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I. Explain how the author fits the time period. Does he or she fit in the predominant philosophy of the writers of the era? What events of history seem to affect the works?

II. List four common characteristics of the author’s writing. Explain and provide examples.

III. Find at least two critical essays that review some of your reading(s). For each, document and explain the essay writer’s point-of-view. You will need to turn in the critical essays that you use. (For example: EBSCO/Galegroup)

IV. Find out if any of the reading was the inspiration for some other work of art. For example, novels that have been made into movies, poems into song, or inspiration edusson help for paintings would fit in this section. View the movies; listen to the music; find the art. Explain the connection to the author’s written work.

Included is a printable assignment sheet and a rubric to grade the essays and presentation. This assignment requires students to be motivated to work on their own over the course of a semester and to produce three assignments from the questions above; however, the assignment can also be modified so much of the work is done in class.

Beginning Essay-Writers


Most of us can think of someone who is special to us.

Think of someone who is special to you.

Now explain why this person is special to you.


Structure of an essay

Writing Main Ideas

Drawing Details

Suggested Use: 

Display last sentence of the above prompt for students and discuss the purpose for writing (to explain or describe).

Teacher can use this to model or for independent practice.

Display a few “teachable examples” (the ones that are good but still have room for improvement) and critique or rewrite.

This template will help students take the information they have collected in their graphic organizers and organize information into paragraphs. This template is especially helpful for students who have a difficult time creating paragraphs from information and for beginning essay writers!

Poor Ron Weasley—he’s not the greatest essay writer. However, students will become masters of MLA style by looking at this poorly formatted MLA-formatted paper (Ron’s Divination scroll!) and noting the various issues wrong with it.

In this download, you will find a teacher’s set of directions (complete with Common Core standards), an answer key, and an incorrectly formatted paper in MLA style (and in this case, I use that term loosely!).

This handout can be given to students as a pretest to see their knowledge on MLA format or you could give this to students after reviewing the rules of MLA format. I think the second option would be the best because this paper has so many problems that it can be tricky to find them all.


Education In Essay Writing

Language is a fit data when you see the language the work in a language then you can understand the humidity’s in social sciences by the language speakers so here the connection between language primary data secondary data when you do research in humanities philosophy in social sciences to the development of a language you can see how that nation are how those people the speakers of that language are developed privatize the next topic privatizing higher education generating knowledge are making more money for the appellant many people have written just an education here it is higher education higher education is university education this is not like primary education or secondary education. Find out how education affects essay at Edusson.

So just focus on higher education because in universe the human even in Canada primary and secondary education that is totally free only higher education when you go to university so there they will get $30,000 from you per year even in the moment universities so higher education if it goes to private sector so private sector means money they will create they will invent such situation in which there will be more and more money so is it something good or it is something bad so you can go against this topic and you can be in the favor for example in United States higher education is done by private some of the private universities but they are delivering good if you have money why not you pay for education especially for higher education which is important for your career which is important for your knowledge our if you say that this is the responsibility of stage that state must provide higher education primary education secondary education to the people then you can go against this topic I don’t see any problematic area in this topic but please focus on higher education please focus on privatization and knowledge money business you have to end you cannot suggest that higher education must be in the hand of philosophers in the hands of professors in the hands of knowledgeable people intellectuals not just businessmen because there are many schools and many universities run by just businessmen.

They only focus on the number of students quantity money so it should be also a scholarly venture not just business number for women sports persons are new ambassadors of the soft image of Pakistan so this is gender sensitisation and we considered in some societies that women are only for the four walls of the house and when a woman covered face cannot participate in any sport so win Pakistan Pakistani women they go to international complications and women and men both are with the gender equity or gender equality they participate like human beings they don’t participate like just men or women so then we can see that women participation can be ambassadors now you must understand here that what is ambassador ambassador is a person who represents a country representation the representation is very much important here the representation when you represent a society a country so then you go to reflect that society and how you can represent a country.

Communicating With Reciever

After we have introduced ourselves in a letter we have clearly stated the purpose and the reason why the receiver of the letter is needed there or why is he wanted there in second paragraph the incentives and then you have a conclusion all this is very precise and to the point there is no beating around the bush everything is relevant there is a transition between paragraphs and each paragraph has a clear central idea there is a main topic and of course the tone in formal letters is extremely important to observe a consistent tone and here the tone is formal appropriately formal and polite let’s look at this slide now and the question is what’s wrong with this letter look at the letter dear sir how do you do I understand from my colleague professor William Jones who visited your Western plant last month that you sometimes allow groups of students to the factory and see for themselves how Japanese production techniques operate in a European environment.

Please pay attention to our European environment we do not say any European because the AEIOU scheme works here of wall and the sound is still you and not e so therefore if it’s an N elephant elephant then it’s an L an elephant otherwise if this if the sound or pronunciation is you then it is to be yeah so in a you rope Ian environment so the sound is let me write it for you to make it clear sound is you there for n so it’s not even if you say University you see this is important you so therefore the these words with such sounds take and a as an article so a European environment professor Jones himself was most impressed by his own visit and recommended that I write to you you know that Professor Jones is an expert in the area of car manufacturing and has projects worth millions of dollars in this area.

Would it be possible for a group of 20 Business Studies students aged between this and that from it Smithsonian Polytechnic to visit your visit you before the end of this term which is on the 21st December I realized that you must receive many requests for such visits and that the time available may already be booked up if it’s not and you are able to see us I should be most grateful if you could suggest a date and let me know of any normal condition you lay down for visits of this kind of kind cheers and have a good day yours faithfully now to begin with the tone how do you do in a formal letter where the writers are not really known to each other you see this person is going to introduce himself and instead of introducing himself properly he just comes to how do you do which is informal and it’s a kind of greeting that should be used when we know someone.

Support For The Final Reason

The final reason then we remember to support each reason by saying the main reason evidence for that that dogs enjoy being around humans is that dog owners receive enthusiastic greetings when they return home and then we remember to always explain or give a detail or a fact for each reason that we give then we also make sure to write a concluding sentence using a word like clearly or obviously then using a comma and then summarizing connecting to our topic sentence summarizing our thought that dogs make superior pets using the number- helps the writer become more formal in the first example.

The writers started with I I makes a paragraph informal a formal paragraph does not use I only uses the pronouns and third-person he she it or they also the writer said an informal term tone by saying I think obviously the writer is the one who is doing the thinking and it would be better to leave out the words I think and simply say a dog is the animal that makes the best pet here are some sample first sentences that will help you write a one paragraph response remember that you use the number three to write a one paragraph response it does not appear as in the first sentence of an introductory paragraph of an essay or a multiple paragraph response.

Let’s look at the first example this is like the paragraph we created earlier in the video three reasons prove that photography is a great career the second one shows assigning homework to students is a bad idea for three reasons this allowed us to move the number three from the first word to later in the sentence the third example is a really good example because it allows you to write research reveals three important reasons why and then you could put virtually anything here people should not smoke cigarettes people should eat more healthily a variety of topics so number three is very useful please read the other example sentences there to set up different kinds of responsive writing you may look at this last image to review the steps for writing a basic formal paragraph note many teachers and test makers require you to create a prewriting plan.

Before you write your paragraph to do this simply write down the words topic sentence then write what you think might be a decent topic sentence you do not have to keep this as the topic sentence of your final paragraph so you might write something like three reasons show dogs are the best pets notice that this is similar to the final topic sentence that we ended up using but it does not have to be the same also notice that we made sure to use the word three next write the words reason one then think of a reason why dogs make the best pets and write it they like humans next write the word detail and write a detail an example or a fact that shows how they like humans wagtails now notice I did not write a complete sentence I’m just doing a prewriting plan coming up with some ideas for my paragraph then write the words reason  and write a short reason companions write a detail can go on walks.

Learn How To Sing

There are so many talented people out there who, if they took time to learn how to sing, would not have to work petty jobs on a daily basis. Learning how to sing is pretty easy if you have the right degree of determination.

Find An Inspiration

A lot of people who are striving to break into the all too difficult mainstream music arena forget about the necessity to have a source of inspiration. As an aspiring musician it only stands to reason that your passion for music must have at least erupted from the bowels of a famous artist who has made it into the ‘big league’.

Get An Instructor

After having developed a certain degree of confidence stemming from following the success stories of famous musicians, you must then look for a music instructor. There are hordes of instructors who are simply eager to foster rare talent without having monetary gain as their primary objective. A music instructor will in more ways than imaginable teach you how to adjust your voice box and breathing techniques to ensure that you sing better than a sparrow in the early hours of the morning. Believe it or not but there are people who can sing but have not yet mastered the intricacies of singing at the highest level. You may have the talent, but without an instructor, you may never reach your full potential. To find a good instructor you must go through the classifieds section of your local newspaper or even go online.


As the old saying goes, ‘Practice makes perfect’. There is no point in trying to learn how to sing if you do not practice. With practice comes perfection, and well, with perfection comes success. As you begin to practice everyday of the week you will soon notice how clearer and more refined your voice will sound, especially if you practice really hard. If you want to know the true importance of practice you must stop singing for at least a month and then try starting all over again.

One thing is certain, your voice will be hoarse and you will battle to raise your voice to certain peaks. Now this is not what you want to be experiencing as it will only dent your confidence. However, if you practice whatever it is your music instructor teaches you, there will be an immediate increase in your levels of confidence as you will begin to appreciate the sweet sounds you make without anyone having to tell you that you are good.

Take On The Music Stage And Perform

After having practiced and followed after your number one inspiration, the next step will entail performing in public. Your music instructor must be able to organize a few gigs for you, particularly talent shows. Performing is not just a way of casting your name in the pits of the public ear, but it is also a way of boosting your confidence. For a musician, lack of confidence is like an asthma attack sucking out all the air you need to breathe and sustain your talent.

How To Learn To Sing

If you have ever wondered how to learn to sing, you are one of many people who are willing to take a journey into your own spirit in order to become an instrument. Though some of what is required in the process of singing involves accomplished voice skills, a good musical ear and a working knowledge of musical concepts, much of what is required comes from within. A singer must be willing to expose parts of himself that are deeply personal and be vulnerable while the whole world is watching.

Of course, mastering the basic techniques is always a good starting point in any endeavor of how to learn to sing. Proper breathing is a must if you are going to learn to hold notes, control your sound and deliver a sharp performance. Many people imitate what they believe other singers do on a stage and push air mostly from the throat. In singing, though, breathing should always come from the diaphragm. Singers take deep breaths, inhaling through the nose to keep the throat from getting dry as they sing. Holding the breath chokes the vocal chords and makes all the notes coming out of your mouth sound strained. Bad posture also makes notes sound forced, so it is important to always stay erect, but relaxed, in order to keep clear sounding notes.

One practice that has always been a common theme for singers is to practice using scales. Scale exercises help to increase your range, strengthen the quality of your voice and lengthen the amount of time you can physically hold a note. Scales require you to sing short, almost nonsensical words or syllables in escalating or declining pitches. Scales are only one form of voice exercises, but any consistent practice with notes that requires you to comfortably stretch the limits of your singing is good for growth as a singer.

Another technical area that should get lots of attention is the ear. Singers must be great listeners – especially to their own voices. When practicing, one of the best ways to do this is to cup the hand behind the ear while singing. This allows the notes to echo immediately back to the ear and lets the singer hear successes and challenges immediately. Learning how to listen to the voice ensures a singer can catch his own shortcomings and address them right away.

Technical skills for the voice can always be taught to those who seek how to learn to sing. What cannot be taught is the ability to turn off all distractions and allow some depth of emotion to guide how you approach the song. You must forget that there is an audience even when the room is full. You must abandon any sense of “nakedness” before that audience.

Becoming the best singer that you can be will require you to enter the very private chambers of your own heart and allow anyone watching to enter with you. It will require you to repeatedly discover parts of yourself that you do not know even exist. No voice training can teach that. It can only be learned if you brave the new world of yourself when you dare to know how to learn to sing.

How To Sing High Notes

The mark of a true singer and artist is sublime, complete control of the tone, pitch and loudness of the voice. It also means complete control of the voice when it comes to hitting the high notes. Some of the world’s most widely acclaimed singers are capable of conquering notes on the higher octaves. If you’ve always dreamed of singing high pitches and improving the quality of your voice, use these tips on how to sing high notes:

Learn to breathe correctly.

Singing relies on proper breathing. When you sing, you expel air. You control your singing with the way you use the air you breathe in and out. To learn how to sing high notes, begin by breathing deeply, using your diaphragm instead of just your lungs. Stand or sit in an erect posture and inhale slowly and deeply, allowing your stomach to rise followed by the chest. Once you’ve mastered the technique, expel the air in short, quick breaths, saying ‘ha!’ ‘ha!’. Make sure the force comes from the diaphragm and not just the lungs.

Do warm ups.

Just as you would stretch your muscles prior to exercising, so should you perform warm ups before singing or humming. Start humming a familiar song by singing in the lowest note you can muster and then slowly move higher and higher until you hit your highest note. Repeat the exercise, paying close attention to your vocal chords, along with the tone and resonance of the voice that comes out.

Start scaling.

Take your middle note and then scale down, gradually singing higher notes. Scale these notes up and down repeatedly. This will exercise your voice and vocal chords and teach you how to modify your voice. Once you begin to sing in the higher octaves, try to find the best vowel modification that works well with your voice. Each voice is different, so don’t expect to sing the same song in the same way another singer belts it out. Experiment with different vowel sounds; a singer singing the word ‘you’ in a high pitch for example may have to pronounce it as ‘yo’, while another may have to sing it as ‘ya’. In some cases you might even have to mix the vowel sounds and modify it by changing the shape of your lips.


If you want to know how to sing high notes well, take good care of the best tool you have — your voice. Practice each day for a set amount of time, say 30 minutes to an hour. However, take care not to strain your vocals. If you feel sore or if your throat hurts, stop and review your technique. If pain or discomfort is present, it’s either you’re not doing the technique correctly or are pushing yourself too hard. Don’t expect to hit the high octaves overnight. Working your voice is like working your muscles. With time and practice, you will be able to develop a stronger, better tone and pitch. Next time you meet a note on a higher scale, you will be able to sing it with graceful, melodious confidence.

The Role of Design and Colors in Branding Part 3

Color as an industry engine

Look at the fashion business. Season after season, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Donna Karan & Co. announce sensational news like pink being the new red, azur the new blue, or something like don’t leave the house without at least a brown scarf next winter. They start, others follow, consumers buy – a trend is created. It is intriguing what a color can do, if it is used by the right minds, hands, and mouths, isnt it?

So what is in it for us?

Knowing about the impact and meaning of a color is imperative for designers. Depending on what we want a design to communicate, we should always take the above into consideration. On a side note – you can also use this knowledge to backup your choice of color in front of a client.

Looking at magenta what can we say about it as a color?

  • In the additive model, you get magenta when you mix red and blue (the additive model is used by screen displays and mixes color with light, in contrast to the subtractive model used by print media, where colors are mixed with ink).
  • Due to its relation to both red and blue, values of these two colors can be found in magenta: emotionally intense meets hi-tech.
  • Due to its lack of representation in nature, its being perceived as artificial and modern.

So magenta seems to be a good choice for a brand. Of course you may ask question, why more factors come into play besides the connotations of the color itself, such as differentiation and uniqueness, existing brand awareness, diversity and usability.

Take a look at the following collection of brands. Are they still the same with changed colors? Like this, some of them could even be mistaken for their competitors:

Companies spend a lot of marketing money trying to simply connect their brand to a color. It’s all part of the brand image and placement, which we will discuss in the following part of the Lesson: The role of brands in marketing.

The Role of Design and Colors in Branding Part 2

  • Blue – peaceful and calm, hi-tech and modern, reliable and loyal, but also cold and depressing, and the color of money. Banks and insurance companies like to use blue. Blue causes the opposite reaction as red, as it causes the body to produce calming chemicals.
  • Green – natural and refreshing, calming and relaxing, youthful and healing. Used for traffic lights, in hospitals and in green rooms of TV networks – that’s where you wait to appear on the show. Dark green symbolizes masculinity, conservativeness and wealth.
  • Yellow – cheerful and sunny, optimistic and boosting. Yellow enhances concentration and speeds metabolism, but can be overpowering if overused – it can cause people to lose their temper more.
  • Purple – royal and luxurious, sophisticated and wealthy, authority and rank, feminine and romantic.
  • Brown – solid and grounded, natural and smooth, but also sad and melancholic. Light brown connotes genuineness, dark brown is more grounded due to its appearing in wood and leather.

Note I left out style as an attribute. The connotation of style with a color depends on its current trendiness in a culture. At the moment, white is considered trendy and stylish in many western cultures – thanks to Apple.

Color as a company engine

All of a sudden, white was in. Why? Because a company like Apple managed to market the color as stylish. They connected their products to it. They derived the simplest thing into marketing heaven by branding their products in a new and exciting way. And it looked good. It looked absolutely terrific!

Having white earphones in your ear became trendy and stylish. There were the people with white earphones, proudly showing off their affiliation to an exclusive group of trendsetters, and there were the others, still using black earphones and a bit afraid to wear them in public.

By simply changing the color of their earphones from black to white, the brand with the apple, Apple, created a trend. Is it far fetched to say that the whole Web 2.0 design trend – gloss, shine and reflections – has been initiated by these products?

The Role of Design and Colors in Branding

These lessons are going to consist of four installments: Design and Colors, Marketing, Trademarks and Public Relations. Today, we will use these real-life happenings to discuss the role of design – more precisely: color – in branding:

Welcome to the first part of the Lesson.

Imagine life without color. What would it be like to live in such a world? What if the sky wasn’t blue, but white? Imagine the grass not being green – picture it grey!

Hard to visualize, isn’t it? It is very difficult to imagine the world being monochrome, even with black and white movies and the grey of our cities. Color surrounds us in every aspect of our lives.

In the above scenario with the sky and the grass, did you actually close your eyes and try to picture the sky and grass as white and grey? What about the colorful candy bar parade at your favorite gas station merely containing shades of grey? McDonalds not being yellow (they are yellow, folks, even if their marketing says they are golden), Coca-Cola not being red, Mellow Yellow being er well, you know where I am getting at here.

Colors in branding

For us designers, it is important to know the relevance of color for a brand. Derived from its status in our existence, it is easy to conclude that color serves an explicit purpose in branding. The design of a brand distinguishes it from its competition and places it in its market. Color is a very basic element of design, hence one of the most important factors in identity design is – and will always be – the use of color.

What do we know about color?

Before we take a look at some popular brands and their use of color, we have to understand what color actually does to us. It is really quite interesting to know about the effects of different colors on the human consciousness and, more importantly, our subconscious:

  • Black – the color of authority and power, sophistication and elegance, formality and wealth, but also evil and threat.
  • White – purity and simplicity, innocence and honesty, summer and lightness, but also sterility.
  • Red – extreme and hot-blooded, accentual and loud, powerful and emotionally intense. Red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing and might not be the best choice to wear in a negotiation, unless you’re the president.