Why Edusson Succeeds

I. Explain how the author fits the time period. Does he or she fit in the predominant philosophy of the writers of the era? What events of history seem to affect the works?

II. List four common characteristics of the author’s writing. Explain and provide examples.

III. Find at least two critical essays that review some of your reading(s). For each, document and explain the essay writer’s point-of-view. You will need to turn in the critical essays that you use. (For example: EBSCO/Galegroup)

IV. Find out if any of the reading was the inspiration for some other work of art. For example, novels that have been made into movies, poems into song, or inspiration edusson help for paintings would fit in this section. View the movies; listen to the music; find the art. Explain the connection to the author’s written work.

Included is a printable assignment sheet and a rubric to grade the essays and presentation. This assignment requires students to be motivated to work on their own over the course of a semester and to produce three assignments from the questions above; however, the assignment can also be modified so much of the work is done in class.

Beginning Essay-Writers


Most of us can think of someone who is special to us.

Think of someone who is special to you.

Now explain why this person is special to you.


Structure of an essay

Writing Main Ideas

Drawing Details

Suggested Use: 

Display last sentence of the above prompt for students and discuss the purpose for writing (to explain or describe).

Teacher can use this to model or for independent practice.

Display a few “teachable examples” (the ones that are good but still have room for improvement) and critique or rewrite.

This template will help students take the information they have collected in their graphic organizers and organize information into paragraphs. This template is especially helpful for students who have a difficult time creating paragraphs from information and for beginning essay writers!

Poor Ron Weasley—he’s not the greatest essay writer. However, students will become masters of MLA style by looking at this poorly formatted MLA-formatted paper (Ron’s Divination scroll!) and noting the various issues wrong with it.

In this download, you will find a teacher’s set of directions (complete with Common Core standards), an answer key, and an incorrectly formatted paper in MLA style (and in this case, I use that term loosely!).

This handout can be given to students as a pretest to see their knowledge on MLA format or you could give this to students after reviewing the rules of MLA format. I think the second option would be the best because this paper has so many problems that it can be tricky to find them all.