How To Sing High Notes

The mark of a true singer and artist is sublime, complete control of the tone, pitch and loudness of the voice. It also means complete control of the voice when it comes to hitting the high notes. Some of the world’s most widely acclaimed singers are capable of conquering notes on the higher octaves. If you’ve always dreamed of singing high pitches and improving the quality of your voice, use these tips on how to sing high notes:

Learn to breathe correctly.

Singing relies on proper breathing. When you sing, you expel air. You control your singing with the way you use the air you breathe in and out. To learn how to sing high notes, begin by breathing deeply, using your diaphragm instead of just your lungs. Stand or sit in an erect posture and inhale slowly and deeply, allowing your stomach to rise followed by the chest. Once you’ve mastered the technique, expel the air in short, quick breaths, saying ‘ha!’ ‘ha!’. Make sure the force comes from the diaphragm and not just the lungs.

Do warm ups.

Just as you would stretch your muscles prior to exercising, so should you perform warm ups before singing or humming. Start humming a familiar song by singing in the lowest note you can muster and then slowly move higher and higher until you hit your highest note. Repeat the exercise, paying close attention to your vocal chords, along with the tone and resonance of the voice that comes out.

Start scaling.

Take your middle note and then scale down, gradually singing higher notes. Scale these notes up and down repeatedly. This will exercise your voice and vocal chords and teach you how to modify your voice. Once you begin to sing in the higher octaves, try to find the best vowel modification that works well with your voice. Each voice is different, so don’t expect to sing the same song in the same way another singer belts it out. Experiment with different vowel sounds; a singer singing the word ‘you’ in a high pitch for example may have to pronounce it as ‘yo’, while another may have to sing it as ‘ya’. In some cases you might even have to mix the vowel sounds and modify it by changing the shape of your lips.


If you want to know how to sing high notes well, take good care of the best tool you have — your voice. Practice each day for a set amount of time, say 30 minutes to an hour. However, take care not to strain your vocals. If you feel sore or if your throat hurts, stop and review your technique. If pain or discomfort is present, it’s either you’re not doing the technique correctly or are pushing yourself too hard. Don’t expect to hit the high octaves overnight. Working your voice is like working your muscles. With time and practice, you will be able to develop a stronger, better tone and pitch. Next time you meet a note on a higher scale, you will be able to sing it with graceful, melodious confidence.