Education In Essay Writing

Language is a fit data when you see the language the work in a language then you can understand the humidity’s in social sciences by the language speakers so here the connection between language primary data secondary data when you do research in humanities philosophy in social sciences to the development of a language you can see how that nation are how those people the speakers of that language are developed privatize the next topic privatizing higher education generating knowledge are making more money for the appellant many people have written just an education here it is higher education higher education is university education this is not like primary education or secondary education. Find out how education affects essay at Edusson.

So just focus on higher education because in universe the human even in Canada primary and secondary education that is totally free only higher education when you go to university so there they will get $30,000 from you per year even in the moment universities so higher education if it goes to private sector so private sector means money they will create they will invent such situation in which there will be more and more money so is it something good or it is something bad so you can go against this topic and you can be in the favor for example in United States higher education is done by private some of the private universities but they are delivering good if you have money why not you pay for education especially for higher education which is important for your career which is important for your knowledge our if you say that this is the responsibility of stage that state must provide higher education primary education secondary education to the people then you can go against this topic I don’t see any problematic area in this topic but please focus on higher education please focus on privatization and knowledge money business you have to end you cannot suggest that higher education must be in the hand of philosophers in the hands of professors in the hands of knowledgeable people intellectuals not just businessmen because there are many schools and many universities run by just businessmen.

They only focus on the number of students quantity money so it should be also a scholarly venture not just business number for women sports persons are new ambassadors of the soft image of Pakistan so this is gender sensitisation and we considered in some societies that women are only for the four walls of the house and when a woman covered face cannot participate in any sport so win Pakistan Pakistani women they go to international complications and women and men both are with the gender equity or gender equality they participate like human beings they don’t participate like just men or women so then we can see that women participation can be ambassadors now you must understand here that what is ambassador ambassador is a person who represents a country representation the representation is very much important here the representation when you represent a society a country so then you go to reflect that society and how you can represent a country.