Support For The Final Reason

The final reason then we remember to support each reason by saying the main reason evidence for that that dogs enjoy being around humans is that dog owners receive enthusiastic greetings when they return home and then we remember to always explain or give a detail or a fact for each reason that we give then we also make sure to write a concluding sentence using a word like clearly or obviously then using a comma and then summarizing connecting to our topic sentence summarizing our thought that dogs make superior pets using the number- helps the writer become more formal in the first example.

The writers started with I I makes a paragraph informal a formal paragraph does not use I only uses the pronouns and third-person he she it or they also the writer said an informal term tone by saying I think obviously the writer is the one who is doing the thinking and it would be better to leave out the words I think and simply say a dog is the animal that makes the best pet here are some sample first sentences that will help you write a one paragraph response remember that you use the number three to write a one paragraph response it does not appear as in the first sentence of an introductory paragraph of an essay or a multiple paragraph response.

Let’s look at the first example this is like the paragraph we created earlier in the video three reasons prove that photography is a great career the second one shows assigning homework to students is a bad idea for three reasons this allowed us to move the number three from the first word to later in the sentence the third example is a really good example because it allows you to write research reveals three important reasons why and then you could put virtually anything here people should not smoke cigarettes people should eat more healthily a variety of topics so number three is very useful please read the other example sentences there to set up different kinds of responsive writing you may look at this last image to review the steps for writing a basic formal paragraph note many teachers and test makers require you to create a prewriting plan.

Before you write your paragraph to do this simply write down the words topic sentence then write what you think might be a decent topic sentence you do not have to keep this as the topic sentence of your final paragraph so you might write something like three reasons show dogs are the best pets notice that this is similar to the final topic sentence that we ended up using but it does not have to be the same also notice that we made sure to use the word three next write the words reason one then think of a reason why dogs make the best pets and write it they like humans next write the word detail and write a detail an example or a fact that shows how they like humans wagtails now notice I did not write a complete sentence I’m just doing a prewriting plan coming up with some ideas for my paragraph then write the words reason ¬†and write a short reason companions write a detail can go on walks.